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Fighting Stress Naturally And Safely

Too much stress can cause negative effects. It can leave us in a permanent state of fight or flight, leaving us overwhelmed or unable to cope. Long term, this can affect our physical and mental health.

What is Stress?

Our bodies' reaction to pressure is stress. Stress can be caused by a variety of conditions or life events. It is frequently triggered when we encounter something novel, unexpected, or that threatens our sense of self, or when we feel powerless in a circumstance. 

When we encounter stress, our body produces stress hormones that trigger a fight or flight response and activate our immune system. This helps us respond quickly to dangerous situations.

Sometimes, this stress response can be useful: it can help us push through fear or pain so we can run a marathon or deliver a speech, for example. Our stress hormones will usually go back to normal quickly once the stressful event is over, and there won’t be any lasting effects.

Chronic Stress & Diseases

Too much stress can cause negative effects. It can leave us in a permanent state of fight or flight, leaving us overwhelmed or unable to cope. Long term, this can affect our physical and mental health.

Chronic stress is a long-term feeling of anxiety that, if left untreated, can have a significant impact on your health. It can be brought on by regular family and work pressures, as well as tragic events.

Both the mind and the body are affected by chronic stress. It causes physical and psychological symptoms that might make it difficult for a person to operate normally in daily life.

We all handle stress in different ways.


James Mitchell, 42, burnt out and stressed at work

Work-Related Stress

James Robert Mitchell, a 52-year-old with 2 kids,  is a director of operations of a banking institution. 

“I was under an extreme amount of stress,” he said. “I had been taking medication prescribed by my doctor for anti-anxiety and stress relief but nothing was working.”

Work-related stress is the response people may have when presented with work demands and pressures that are not matched to their knowledge and abilities and which challenge their ability to cope. Stress occurs in a wide range of work circumstances but is often made worse when they feel they have little support, feeling of being overwhelmed, as well as little control over work processes. There is often confusion between pressure or challenge and stress.

“I am also overweight and had found out about Mighty Ashwagandha from a colleague who swore up and down that it had lowered his cortisol levels naturally,” James said. 

“I was only convinced to try because my colleague really did genuinely seem more relaxed and focused,” said James. “My prescription really isn’t doing anything for me. I had started developing migraines that plagued me almost every day. Unlike my colleague, my work has started to slip. I was constantly irritated and it was taking a toll on my work performance and on my subordinates. Something had to be done.”

“The last straw was that I had missed a deadline and I seemed to get so overwhelmed with so little. It wasn’t like this before but it suddenly was too much too soon. That night, I had a mental breakdown and needed to take a week off. Thank goodness my company was very understanding. Not all companies would understand, they would just let go of the staff in a heartbeat.”


Written by Sarah George on April 27, 2022

Fact Checked by Freida Goosenberg

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"Wow!!! I’ve been disabled since 2010 & was on a cocktail of medicine including morphine for 6.5 years. Since stopping all the drugs I’ve dealt with anxiety & insomnia. I just took 1 pill before bed last night, it was the best natural sleep I’ve had in years. I’ve also been extremely mellow with no anxiety all day. Great product!"

Ferguson L.



"So in love with this Mighty Ashwagandha and will be purchasing a 3rd bottle shortly. I cannot believe the quality of sleep I get while using this. I don't even want to try a different brand because this stuff is consistent and helps night after night."

Matilda T.

San Diego


"I love it. I have taken ashwagandha before and the difference of taking this has been more noticeable. I can get pretty bad social anxiety but the supplement has helped a great deal. I’d recommend to anyone."

Katherine D.



"I love Mighty Ashwagandha. I am a high anxiety person, this is about the only product I have found that really helps with that. I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I actually feel stress free (I work in a high stress environment and I'm a full time single mom). My sleep is better, I've lost 15lbs, and I am no longer near having a panic attack every morning like I was before this product."

Angelica G.



Handling Constant Stress

It’s important to connect the physical and emotional signs you’re experiencing to the pressures you are faced with. Don’t ignore physical warning signs such as tense muscles, tiredness, headaches, or migraines.

“When I felt my medications weren’t working for me, it was nearly the same time my colleague was flaunting Mighty Ashwagandha. He gave me a link and asked me to try it. He’d noticed how much off I’d been the past few weeks, I guess,” James said. “Good thing I had nothing to lose but my sanity to gain so I ordered. It was a miracle it got to me too quickly, but it wasn’t until after the first week of taking a daily dose did I notice how less irritable, calmer, and more focused I’ve become.”

Think about what’s causing your stress. Sort them into issues with a practical solution, things that will get better with time, and things you can't do anything about. Take control by taking small steps towards the things you can improve.

Strain on Relationships

Stress is common in relationships.

All couples experience stress. Sometimes stress comes from problems at work or with family and or friends that we carry over into our relationships. Stress can also come from the couple’s issues, such as an argument, differences in wants or needs, or feeling neglected.

Not dealing with stress can create a negative cycle where partners “catch” each other’s stress. This happens because stress is contagious – when our partners are stressed, we become stressed. 

James shares, “My wife and I had a stressful weekend. Our car broke down one day and she has a huge end of the reports and deadlines to write for work. In general, we are both very anxiety-prone people, and I got much more stressed because she was stressed, as well. We each took 1 capsule of Mighty Ashwagandha and felt better within an hour and calmed down.”

“Usually, a stressful weekend like that would culminate in a big fight, but this time, we were able to manage a peaceful and happy end to the day. Mighty Ashwagandha has done wonders for my relationship with my wife.”


How Mighty Ashwagandha Works

Ashwagandha is one of the most important herbs in Ayurveda, which is a traditional form of alternative medicine based on Indian principles of natural healing. People have used ashwagandha for thousands of years to relieve stress, increase energy levels, and improve concentration

Ashwagandha is perhaps best known for its ability to reduce stress. It’s classified as an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body cope with stress. Ashwagandha appears to help control mediators of stress, including heat shock proteins, cortisol, and stress-activated c-Jun N-terminal protein kinase.

It also reduces the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, a system in your body that regulates the stress response. Several studies have shown that ashwagandha supplements may help relieve stress and anxiety.

Rid yourself of toxins, side effects of pharmaceuticals, and ineffective treatments.


Although people are living longer today, they are still struggling with chronic stress and pain, eating nutrient-depleted diets, and being exposed to hundreds of potentially harmful chemicals on a regular basis through our air, water, cleaning, and personal care items.

It would be an understatement to claim that alternative medicine and holistic health is essential.


Even if modern-day western medicine has made many excellent and life-saving advances, one of its drawbacks is its siloed approach to health, which looks at the body in bits of individual symptoms and parts rather than as the entire entity it is.


Mighty Ashwagandha’s use has been advocated for stress relief, quality sleep aid, and a host of other conditions. Mighty Nutra is dedicated to assisting you in achieving vibrant states of wellness through a whole-health approach.

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Taking All The Risks Off Consumers


A significant number of people who use Mighty Ashwagandha report truly remarkable results. As a result, it's now being sold with a warranty that far exceeds the industry norm.


“We can only offer this promise because we know our customers will be fully satisfied and 100% happy. We want to remove all risks from the equation for customers. So, in addition to offering up to 50% off, we also give them a big guarantee that they won't lose a penny,” according to the CEO of Mighty Nutra.


Simply take Mighty Ashwagandha as instructed, and you'll be ecstatic with the results! Otherwise, just send the empty bottles back within 30 days. The company would then refund your money because you tried the product.

Where To Find Mighty Ashwagandha


Mighty Ashwagandha is now available worldwide. With this official global release, Mighty Ashwagandha is currently on sale for up to 50% off. 

For readers to place orders, a secure website has been set up. This ensures that everybody has an equal opportunity to try Mighty Ashwagandha.




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